Friday, June 28, 2013


At the end of May our family and the Young family took a trip to Arizona to visit Sarah's twin. It was a very long trip but it was a lot of fun. 
Melanie was so upset. She hated her carseat. (who would blame her, we were in the car for a long time.)

Skyler loves this tree. This is the second time we have stopped at the same rest stop.

Aaron and his best friend Danielle

Kaitlyn was so happy to be out of the car as well.

She is so happy to be out of the car.

Always hungry

She was a lot happier the second day

She is enthralled by the show she is watching

We had to drive through casino town.

We went to the Phoenix zoo. It was hot but we found ways to keep cool.

This is only a few of the turtles in the pond. There were a ton of turtles. It was really cool.

The zoo had two splash pads. Good thing too or we would have melted.

The orangutan was really cool. I didn't get a real picture of the actually animal but when we were there the orangutan has a leaf on top of his head. It was really cool.   

Dennis and daughter danielle.

Aurora (sarah's niece) 

She is finally happy! Some one splashed her and she got really upset.

We actually got to go into the monkey caged area. 

This is how we kept cool. We played in the water for a long while to beat the Arizona heat. I thought Utah was bad but this was worse and we were only there when it was a 100 degrees. I can't imagine being there in July.

Happy Kids!

Birthday party for the twins and friends. The park was awesome. The kids really liked the merry go round. (i think that is what it is called.) I didn't think they made these anymore.

She was really into eating that watermelon. I think chewing on the rind helped her teeth. She was cutting lots of teeth.

The trip was so fun. I wish I had taken more pictures. Especially of the drive home. Twelve hours of driving was a lot and I was exhausted. So much fun.

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